Chill Strategic Partners | Case Study 2
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Case Study 2

Case Study 2: Market Reach Expanded

The Company

Fairly early stage start-up

Online marketplace product focused on business users across verticals

The Situation

The company offers its solution to individual users through its marketplace as well as to companies through direct sales efforts.   We were hired to develop and execute a partnership strategy.

The Challenges:

Drive Online Signups of the Product

The company had a very limited marketing budget and was seeking ways to increase the volume of online signups of the product with minimal marketing spend.

The Solution:

We conducted customer interviews to better understand the buyer personas, use cases, how the customer’s defined the solution, and how they found out about it. We then assessed the market landscape to identify potential partners.   Based upon our customer interviews as well as working with the executive team we established very specific success criteria for a desired partnership. We evaluated potential partners based upon this criteria and refined our target list to a number of partners that had a significant customer base comprised of our target customers and had a successful track record executing on marketing partnerships. We developed a compelling pitch deck and successfully connected and established interest with several partner companies.


Launch of a marketing campaign with a multi-billion dollar company gaining our client access to millions of prospective customers.

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