Chill Strategic Partners | Results
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Enter new markets. Expand your market reach. Add new or optimize existing revenue streams. Learn how Chill Strategic Partners can help you.  Learn more by viewing some of our case studies here.

Web-Based Business Management Solution


+20% Gross Margin

-80% Expense

+60% Increase in Speed of Delivering Service


Our client offers integrated value-added services with its business management product. These services drive significant recurring revenue. By working with Chill Strategic Partners our client was able to dramatically reduce the cost of these services, contributing to a greater overall gross margin for the company. And our client was able to improve the quality of these services and the customer experience, resulting in an increased competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Online Marketplace


Launched Marketing Campaign with $5.5B Company


Through Chill Strategic Partners our client acquired a keen understanding of its target customers, a clearly defined strategy for leveraging partners to reach these customers, and successfully launched a marketing campaign with the dominant player in the top partner category. As a result, our client was able to gain access to millions of prospects with minimal marketing spend.

Digital Media Solution


Sales Strategy Defined & Operational Plan Implemented


Working with Chill Strategic Partners our client developed a revised sales strategy to accomplish its goal of accelerating short-term revenue growth. We defined our client’s distinctive competence in the marketplace – its unique value to the customer – and identified top customer categories and specific prospects that value this distinctive competence. As a result, our client is leveraging its key differentiation in the marketplace to focus its sales efforts on prospects with the highest propensity to buy.