Chill Strategic Partners | Client Testimonials
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Client Testimonials

Kathy Chill is a highly effective executive level resource for advancing a company’s strategic initiatives. She supported my efforts to develop a global expansion strategy by conducting a comprehensive analysis of a potential new geography. This included defining the total addressable market, understanding the competitive landscape, defining product requirements, sales and marketing requirements, total investment required and identification of barriers to entry. After compiling and assessing this information she developed a clear recommendation for our business. As a result, we had everything we needed to make an informed decision.
Brad Wills, Chief Strategy Officer, MINDBODY


Kathy is a trusted resource for negotiating complex business partnerships to forward the strategic objectives of our business. She is not only adept at putting together business arrangements, but as a former executive she understands the operational impact of such arrangements and advises and works with the team to implement the processes required for success. Due to her breadth of skills and expertise Kathy has also led market validation efforts as we assess new market opportunities for the business.
Jason Randall, CEO at AppFolio
Kathy led our team through an assessment of our current and potential new markets in order to help us reposition our efforts and capitalize on our most compelling market opportunity. As a result, we have refined our positioning, packaging and product strategy and are successfully executing on a revised go-to-market plan. It has been a pleasure having Kathy as part of our extended team and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Matt Riley, CEO at Swiftype

Kathy Chill has been invaluable in facilitating our company’s entry into a new market. She first came on board to conduct a market analysis as well as to assess our strategy to date. She then proposed a revised focus. And through Kathy’s leadership and sales execution, we are securing clients and establishing Entersekt's market presence in the territory.
Schalk Nolte, CEO at Entersekt
I strongly recommend Kathy Chill as a strategic partner for any business. I have worked with her on multiple projects, and she is highly skilled at negotiating business relationships for her clients. She also has an extensive knowledge of developing legal agreements and is able to facilitate the contract process and achieve results quickly.
David Lafitte, COO at Deckers

I highly recommend Kathy Chill as a strategic sales advisor. Kathy was very effective in helping us develop and implement a revised sales strategy to accelerate short-term revenue growth. She did this by identifying customer criteria and specific prospects that fit our unique value proposition in the marketplace. Kathy worked with the sales team to build a targeted sales plan to focus on these high potential accounts.
Brian Plackis Cheng, Founder & CEO at cielo24
Kathy Chill is a proven, results oriented go-to-market expert. She brings unique executive level experience with a custom hands-on approach applied to the full range of strategic planning through full execution and refinement with complete focus on results.
Frank Artale, Managing Partner Ignition Partners


Kathy was terrific to work with helping us on both market analysis and then business development. We needed a professional analysis of the affiliate channel opportunity. She started with customer interviews to understand how they thought of our company in the affiliate context, quickly created a cogent, detailed, and comprehensive analysis of the market and identified the best targets. She built a bus dev presentation and used her extensive connections to introduce us to the right people at the targets. Net result - an affiliate deal with the largest player three months later. Awesome!
Doug Marinaro, President & COO at LiquidSpace
Kathy delivers tangible, measurable results. Through a blend of product, market and business development expertise she has assessed adjacent markets and identified the best-suited partners to forward our product vision. She has led the negotiation of multiple business arrangements resulting in significant benefit to the company and our customers. One of her core strengths is tackling complex problems and distilling them into consumable parts. As a result, she has helped facilitate decisions and put plans into action to help us achieve our goals. Kathy is a trusted partner for our business.
Kim Coalson, SVP at AppFolio

We thank and value our clients here at Chill Strategic Partners.