Chill Strategic Partners | Case Study 1
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Case Study 1

Case Study 1: Expenses Down / Profit Up

The Company

Public Company

Web-based business management solution provider

The Situation

The company offers value added services to its customers, via third parties, as part of its overall SaaS solution. We were hired to evaluate and optimize these value–added services.

The Challenges:

Improve Margin / Lower Cost

The company desired to lower the cost of its value-added services in order to increase the overall gross margin of the business.

Increase Quality / Ensure Scalability

As the company continued to grow they were experiencing errors/downtime with the current services.

Improve Customer Experience

The onboarding process via the third party for one of the services was lengthy and cumbersome and the company wanted to bring this process entirely in-house to improve the customer experience.

The Solution:

Working with the key stakeholders at the company we established very specific criteria for achieving its goals of reducing cost, increasing quality and improving the customer experience.  These criteria spanned technical as well as operational considerations.  We then assessed the market landscape and identified top partner candidates, including current partners, for offering these integrated value-added services.   Each partner was thoroughly vetted based upon the established criteria  and top candidates were recommended to senior management.  Upon approval, we negotiated agreements with the partners and supported the implementation of the services.


  • 20-point improvement in margin

  • Improved quality of service.

  • ~90% reduction in expense

  • 60% increase in speed of delivering service

  • Streamlined, in-house, customer onboarding process & experience

  • Increased ability to scale the business/support growing volume.

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