Chill Strategic Partners | Case Study 3
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Case Study 3

Case Study 3: Sales Efforts Refocused & Optimized

The Company

Early stage start-up

Online media solution

The Situation

The company provides a solution for a very complex and fast moving market.  We were hired to build a sales strategy and operational plan.

The Challenge:

Drive Near Term Revenue (3-9 months)

The company’s sales efforts were focused on fulfilling both existing needs as well as potential future needs of the market.  As a result, driving consistent short-term revenue was a challenge.

The Solution:

We evaluated the sales pipeline, joined customer calls, and met with all the key stakeholders at the company. We also assessed the marketplace and evaluated the company’s product vs. other offerings on the market.  Based upon the information we gathered we defined the company’s current distinctive competence in the marketplace – its unique value to the customer. We then identified and assessed over 35 different customer categories and determined which categories placed the highest value on the company’s current distinctive competence. These are the categories that would have the highest propensity to buy in the short term. We then defined the top company targets in each category and established a targeted sales plan with the sale team.


  • Dedicated sales focus on fulfilling existing need with high potential accounts to drive short-term revenue.

  • Sales strategy approved by CEO and the Board.

  • Operational plan implemented to focus/prioritize sales efforts and track results.

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